Philip Glass

Player Michael Blackwoog
Composer Philip Glass
Label OMM
Catalog OMM5007
Format DVD
Discs 1
Category Contemporary Music
Street Date 2014-04-15
Directed by Michael Blackwood, \A Composer\’s Notes\
takes the form of an interior monologue as Philip Glass
allows us an intimate look at the inspiration, development,
and production of his third opera, AKHNATEN (1983).
Two productions of the opera premiere almost
simultaneously, at the Stuttgart Opera and the Houston
Grand Opera. Their dramatically different interpretations
of the work make for a fascinating contrast in American
and European theatrical values. Filmed at rehearsals and
performances in Germany and the United States. In
Egypt as Glass visits the remaining evidence of Akhnaten,
in Armana where Akhnaten moved his palace from Luxor
to pursue his monotheistic worship. The film was also
made in India, a country whose music influenced Glass
in his formative years when he collaborated with Ravi
Shankar. The film includes interviews with conductors
and directors and looks back to two earlier Glass operas:
Einstein on the Beach and Satyagraha. Now more than
three decades after its creation, Akhnaten proves to
be a watershed moment in Glass\’ career. This fascinating
in-depth portrait of the composer is a must see for any
Glass fan.