Isaac Stern

Leonard Bernstein Serenade for Violin
Player Isaac Stern(vn)(アイザック・スターン)
Lukas Foss(p)(ルーカス・フォス)
Leonard Bernstein(con)(レナード・バーンスタイン)
The Symphony of the Air
1956.4.19 Ney York
Conductor Leonard Bernstein
Composer Leonard Bernstein
Catalog 428417
Format CD
Discs 1
Category Chamber Music
Street Date 2016-05-27
Running Time:77分25秒
Recording Date:1956.4.19
Serenade for Solo Violin,Strings, Harp and Percussion
after Platos Symposium
1. Phaedrus: Pausanias(Lento-Allegro)
2. Aristophanes(Allegretto)
3. Eryximachus(Presto)
4. Agathon(Adagio)
5. V .Socrates: Alcibiades(Molto tenuto- Allegro molto vivace)

The Age of Anxiety
Symphony No.2 for Piano and Orchestra after W.H. Auden
6. Part 1:I. The Prologue
7. Part 1:II. The Seven Ages(Variations 1-7)
8. Part 1:III. The Seven Stages(Variations 8-14)
9. Part 2: I. The Dirge
10. Part 2: II. The Masque
11. Part 2: III. The Epilogue

Selections from the ballet Fancy Free
12. Enter the Sailors
13. Scene at the Bar
14. Enter Two Girls
15. Dance Variation 1(Galop)
16. Dance Variation 2(Waltz)
17. Dance Variation 3(Danzon)