PHILLY ’76 (2CD)
Catalog VR20091
Format CD
Discs 2
Category ROCK/POPS
Street Date 2017-03-24
[RE-ISSUE] Frank Zappa played the Philadelphia Spectrum Theater on October 29th 1976. The concert was professionally recorded and was a perfect contender for the ongoing concert series from Vaulternative Records. Philly ’76 was released in 2009 and features a complete show from a rare band line-up with another stellar mix from Grammy Award winning engineer Frank Filipetti.
CD 1:
1. The Purple Lagoon
2. Stink-Foot
3. The Poodle Lecture
4. Dirty Love
5. Wind Up Workin In A Gas Station
6. Tryin To Grow A Chin
7. The Torture Never Stops
8. City Of Tiny Lites
9. You Didnt Try To Call Me
10. Manx Needs Women
11. Chrissy Puked Twice

CD 2:
1. Black Napkins
2. Advance Romance
3. Honey Dont You Want A Man Like Me?
4. Rudy Wants To Buy Yez A Drink
5. Would You Go All The Way?
6. Daddy Daddy Daddy (Live At Spectrum Theater Philadelphia PA/1976)
7. What Kind Of Girl Do You Think We Are?
8. Dinah-Moe Humm
9. Stranded In The Jungle
10. Find Her Finer
11. Camarillo Brillo
12. Muffin Man