Catalog GSGZ077CD
Format CD
Discs 1
Category ROCK/POPS
Street Date 2018-03-30
It has been said that legendary Beatles guitarist George Harrison despite not being into the idea when Apple Records was first mooted became so enamored of being a record company executive that he and Ringo wanted to buy Apple Records rather than have it stagger off into insolvency. As history shows this didn’t happen but in 1974 he launched his own label Dark Horse Records. The most commercially successful act on the label was a duo called Splinter whose debut album and single were both international hits. Although the duo of Purvis and Elliott continued to perform together until 1984 this 1977 record the first recorded after they left Dark Horse for pastures new is still an unrecognised masterpiece.
1. Streets at Night
2. I Can’t Turn You On
3. Is It for Life?
4. Stateside Girl
5. Evergreen
6. Danger Zone [Album Mix]
7. When Will You Let Go?
8. Where Do I Go From Here?
9. Took My Breath Away
10. Flyin’ Blind
Bonus Tracks:
11. Danger Zone [Single Remix]
12. Swear to God
13. Taking Off
14. Pigalle
15. Domingo Bay
16. Dreamin’
17. If Somewhere and Somehow
18. Gandhara
19. Then I Can Say Goodbye
20. Touch and Go [Instrumental by Captain Finger]