Catalog MEGW0346
Format DVD
Discs 1
Street Date 2019-02-28
This is the music documentary of the making of Grammy?-nominated reggae album Revelation by dub reggae legend Lee Scratch Perry. Perry continues to create unique category-defying music drawing his narrative from his spirituality and today’s global events. For the uninitiated Lee Scratch Perry is one of the most important figures in the history of reggae music. Not only did he help develop the early reggae sound captured in a number of important recordings but as an engineer producer songwriter and performer he pioneered a number of innovations including dub reggae. This documentary is set at Lee Perry’s mountain top home and studio in Switzerland and features some of the actual sessions for the original studio recording of Revelation. It focuses on Lee’s work in collaboration with multi-instrumentalist Steve Marshall in both his engineering and his producer (John Saxon) roles. While not appearing in this film the musical contributions of very special guests Keith Richards and George Clinton along with Harold Duncan Aguybert Green Tim Hill Dr Sleepy Alec Hay elodieO & Abi Browning and David Stewart Jones are included. Visually it is an interplay of color and light ritual and the mystical aspects of Lee Perry’s spiritual and worldly spontaneity and a frank snapshot of his musical genius. The documentary also includes excerpts of a free-flowing and revealing interview of Lee Perry by Steve Marshall. The Revelation of Lee Scratch Perry is directed by Steve Marshall photographed by John Palmer and is a State of Emergency production. DVD extras include the complete interview of Lee Scratch Perry by Steve Marshall.
Chapter 1 Title
Chapter 2: Used To Drive A Tractor In Negrille
Chapter 3: InterviewExcdrpt
Chapter 4: Let There Be Light
Chapter 5: Fire Power
Chapter 6: Psalm
Chapter 7: An Eye For An Eye
Chapter 8: Freaky Michael
Chapter 9: Weatherman
Chapter 10: Run For Cover
Chapter 11: Books Of Moses
Chapter 12: Revelation Revolution And Evolution
Chapter 13: Money Come And Money Go
Chapter 15: Holy Angels
Chapter 16: Scary Politicians