Catalog DGST038
Format CD
Discs 1
Street Date 2019-02-14
(LIMITED EDITION CD) We are pleased to release the complete edition OST by Stelvio Cipriani for the action film “Tough to Kill” (“Duri a morire”) for the absolute first time on CD. Stelvio Cipriani composed an OST where funk music which was typical at the time blends with Latin American sounds. The wild dance song in the opening credits (Tr.1) is reprised in a fast version (Tr.5 Tr.11) a slow version with South American rhythms (Tr.3 Tr.13) and then contrasted with sad and dramatic strings (Tr.2 Tr.17). Electronic and rhythmic suspense pieces are perfect to describe the hidden dangers waiting for the protagonists of the story (Tr.4 Tr.12 Tr.15). There is no lack of piano pieces performed by the composer (Tr.6 Tr.10) Greek folk music (Tr.7) and military themes (Tr.8 Tr.14). For this CD (total running time 42:31min) the restored stereo master tapes from the original recording session were used. Limited editon of 300 copies.
1. DURI A MORIRE (Titoli)
2. DURI A MORIRE (Vabo nel fosso)
3. DURI A MORIRE (Azione commando)
4. DURI A MORIRE (Incubo)
5. DURI A MORIRE (Azione commando)
6. DURI A MORIRE (Attimi di tenerezza)
7. DURI A MORIRE (Atmosfera Ellenica)
8. DURI A MORIRE (Marcetta militare)
9. DURI A MORIRE (Dance mood)
10. DURI A MORIRE (Momento classico)
11. DURI A MORIRE (Azione commando)
12. DURI A MORIRE (Piano suspence)
13. DURI A MORIRE (Azione commando)
14. DURI A MORIRE (Marcetta militare)
15. DURI A MORIRE (Attesa tensiva)
16. DURI A MORIRE (Azione commando)
17. DURI A MORIRE (Vabo nel fosso)
18. DURI A MORIRE (Azione commando)
19. DURI A MORIRE (Dance mood)
20. DURI A MORIRE (Finale)