Catalog RADCD3
Format CD
Discs 2
Category ROCK/POPS
Street Date 2019-05-10
On 10 May 2019 Creature Music is releasing the third volume in the series of Manfred Mann BBC recordings. Titled “Radio Days & Rarities,” this three-LP/ two-CD release highlights the radio appearances of Manfred Mann Chapter Three and numerous film soundtrack recordings, commercial jingles and various studio rarities. Nearly all of these tracks are making their digital debuts with this collection. The pop group Manfred Mann broke up as the single “Ragamuffin Man” was near the top of the UK charts. Manfred Mann and Mike Hugg were quietly assembling Manfred Mann Chapter Three – a free-form group aimed at the growing album market. In addition to Mann and Hugg, the core of Chapter Three included sax/flute player Bernie Living, bassist Steve York, and drummer Craig Collinge. As usual, BBC legend Brian Matthew guided fans through this period by interviewing Mann and Hugg and presenting fresh versions of three tracks (“Sometimes,” “Time” and “One Way Glass”) from the band’s self-titled album. “One Way Glass” sample was later to form the basis of the track “Stand Up” by The Prodigy and Manfred Mann and “Shut Up” by The Prodigy, Public Enemy and Manfred Mann. An early Chapter Three prototype was used by Mann and Hugg for a jazz instrumental in “The Gorge,” originally aired in 1968 as part of the BBC1 series “The Wednesday Play.” Also featured on this release are unique items from Australian and Swedish radio as well asearly versions of “Konekuf” and “Time” from the band’s debut album, and three tracks from the unissued third album: “Train Crash,” “So Sorry Please,” and “Chips.” Mann-Hugg film work debuting here include the entire “Venus In Furs” soundtrack and “Broken-Glass Lives,” a new version of “One Way Glass” which was part of the soundtrack for the film “Christa” (aka “Swedish Fly Girls”).
CD 1:
1. Manfred Mann Interview
2. Manfred Mann & Mike Hugg Interview
3. Sometimes
4. Time
5. One Way Glass
6. Bluesy Susie
7. Jump Before You Think
8. Breakdown
9. Konekuf (Mono Demo)
10. Time (Mono Demo)
11. Happy Being Me (Mono Single Master)
12. Devil Woman (Stereo Single Master)
13. Train Crash
14. So Sorry Please
15. Chips
16. Broken-Glass Lives

CD 2:
1. The Michelin Theme (Go Radial Go Michelin)
2. The Maxwell House Shake
3. Ski Full Of Fitness Theme
4. Sweet Baby Jane
5. The Gorge
6. Venus In Furs - Main Titles
7. Buried Treasure
8. Something In The Water
9. Party Flashback
10. Deadly Liaison
11. Lets Get Together (lead vocal: Barbara McNair).
12. Phantom From The Past
13. Erotic Interlude
14. Alone With Rita
15. Excited To Death
16. Musical Infidelity
17. At The Party (Jump Before You Think)
18. Fondling Venus
19. Dreams Of Wanda
20. Sexy Photo Shoot
21. Bathtub Suicide
22. Wanda Vs. Rita
23. Returning To Istanbul
24. The Sultan And The Slave Girl
25. Strung Up To Die
26. The Truth About Wanda
27. Tombstone Revelation
28. A Horrific Discovery
29.. Venus In Furs - End Credits (lead vocal: Barbara McNair)