Catalog RADLP4
Format LP
Discs 3
Category ROCK/POPS
Street Date 2019-05-10
On 10 May 2019 Creature Music is releasing the fourth instalment in Manfred Mann’s “Radio Days” series covering the highly regarded first lineup of Manfred Mann’s Earth Band: Manfred Mann (keyboards), Mick Rogers (guitar, vocals), Colin Pattenden (bass), and Chris Slade (drums). This three-LP/ two-CD edition of “Radio Days” spans the early Earth Band material which put the band on the map as a live concert attraction, with every track on this release making its official release debut. The band’s earliest BBC appearance, when they were still called Manfred Mann, took place on 23 June 1971 when they recorded three tracks for Dave Lee Travis’ programme: “Living Without You,” “Big Betty,” and “Mighty Quinn.” The latter only exists as a fragment, but all three have been included on this release. The centrepieces of this collection are the “in concert” appearances recorded on 7 October 1971 (Paris Theatre, London) and 20 November 1973 (Golders Green Hippodrome, London). “Ashes To The Wind,” “Black Betty” and the Chapter Three favourite “Happy Being Me” were part of the 1971 session hosted by John Peel that was later made available through the BBC transcription disc “Pick Of The Pops For Your D.J.” On 10 January 1972, the band performed a short BBC live set of “Meat” and “Mighty Quinn.” To promote their “Messin’” album, a further BBC gig for “Pete Drummond’s Sequence” on 3 April 1973 produced “Dealer,” “Glorified Magnified,” “Messin’,” “Get Your Rocks Off,” and “Cloudy Eyes.” In 1973, Manfred Mann’s Earth Band were laying down their next album “Solar Fire” - works-in-progress versions of “Father Of Day, Father Of Night,” “Solar Fire,” and “Bubblegum And Kippling” (the latter of which became known as “Earth The Circle, Part 2”) were recorded during that September for airing on “Sounds On Sunday.” The Golders Green Hippodrom live session is widely regarded as one of the all-time best Earth Band performances captured on tape.
LP 1: Side A
1. Ashes To The Wind
2. Black Betty
3. Happy Being Me
LP 1: Side B
1. Living Without You
2. Big Betty
3. Mighty Quinn (#1) (Fragment)
4. Meat
5. Mighty Quinn (#2)

LP 2: Side A
1. Dealer
2. Glorified Magnified
3. Messin’ (#1)
LP 2: Side B
1. Get Your Rocks Off
2. Cloudy Eyes
3. Father Of Day Father Of Night
4. Solar Fire
5. Bubblegum And Kipling (Earth The Circle Part 2)

LP 3: Side A
1. Mercury The Winged Messenger
2. Buddah
3. Messin’ (#2)
LP 3: Side B
7. Father Of Day Father Of Night (Medley)
8. Mighty Quinn (#3)