Catalog 603497947720
Format CD
Discs 4
Category RARE ITEM
Street Date 2011-07-26
パーシー・スレッジの66年から77年の間にAtlanticで録音した音源から104曲をセレクトしたオフィシャルサイト限定ボックスセット。本作にはパーシーのシングル曲とアルバム『When A Man Loves A Woman』、『Warm And Tender Soul』、『The Percy Sledge Way 』、『Take Time To Know Her』の4枚のアルバムからの楽曲を録曲。そのほかにもオランダ盤やドイツ盤にしか収録されていない楽曲や、69年シングルだけでリリースされたクリスマス・ソング、70年南アフリカで行われたライブの音源などが収められている。レアフォトを収録した60オページのブックレット付き。
1. When A Man Loves A Woman
2. Love Me Like You Mean It
3. You Fooled Me
4. Youre Pouring Water On A Drowning Man
5. Love Me All The Way
6. Thief In The Night
7. Put A Little Lovin On Me
8. My Adorable One
9. Love Makes The World Go Round
10. When She Touches Me (Nothing Else Matters)
11. Success
12. It Tears Me Up
13. Warm And Tender Love
14. Sugar Puddin
15. Youve Got That Something Wonderful
16. I Love Everything About You
17. So Much Love
18. A Sweet Woman Like You
19. Love Me Tender
20. Heart Of A Child
21. Youve Really Got A Hold On Me
22. I Stand Accused
23. Try A Little Tenderness
24. With Every Beat Of My Heart
25. Thats How Strong My Love Is
26. Oh How Happy
27. Im Hanging Up My Heart For You
28. Little Girl

1. Behind Every Great Man Theres A Woman
2. It Cant Be Stopped
3. Baby Help Me
4. Out Of Left Field
5. You Send Me
6. Drown In My Own Tears
7. I Had A Talk With My Woman
8. What Am I Living For
9. You Dont Miss Your Water
10. Tell It Like It Is
11. Ive Been Loving You Too Long (To Stop Now)
12. Pledging My Love
13. My Special Prayer
14. The Dark End Of The Street
15. Just Out Of Reach (Of My Two Open Arms)
16. High Cost Of Leaving
17. Its All Wrong But Its Alright (Stereo Version)
18. Hard To Believe
19. Just Out Of Reach (Of My Two Open Arms) (Single Version)
20. Cover Me
21. Take Time To Know Her
22. Its All Wrong But Its Alright (Single Version)
23. Feed The Flame
24. Sudden Stop (Stereo Version)
25. Come Softly To Me
26. Spooky
27. Between These Arms (Stereo Version)

1. Sudden Stop (Single Version)
2. Between These Arms (Single Version)
3. Youre All Around Me
4. Self Preservation
5. Wanted
6. Bless Your Little Sweet Soul
7. Any Day Now
8. The Angels Listened In
9. Standing On The Mountain
10. Keep Your Arms Around Me
11. Kind Woman
12. Woman Of The Night
13. Push Mr. Pride Aside (Single Version)
14. Baby Baby Baby
15. True Love Travels On A Gravel Road
16. Faithful And True
17. Too Many Rivers To Cross
18. Set Me Free
19. Cotton Mill Man
20. Loves Where Life Begins
21. Let It Be Me
22. Blow Out The Sun
23. Ive Gotta Get A Message To You
24. Stop The World Tonight
25. Help Me Make It Through The Night

1. Love Is A Job
2. Push Mr. Pride Aside
3. Thats The Way I Want To Live My Life
4. Lifes Little Ups And Downs
5. What I Dont Know Wont Hurt Me
6. I Found A Love
7. Time
8. Everything Youll Ever Need
9. Sunday Brother
10. Rainbow Road
11. Here I Am
12. Same Old Loverman
13. You Can Always Get It Where You Got It
14. Sunshine
15. Unchanging Love
16. Introduction (Live 1970)
17. Cover Me (Live 1970)
18. Knock On Wood (Live 1970)
19. Any Day Now (Live 1970)
20. Come Softly To Me (Live 1970)
21. Heart Of A Child (Live 1970)
22. Silent Night
23. Christmas Wish
24. When A Man Loves A Woman (Alternate Take)