Label IRS
Catalog B002640301
Format LP
Discs 1
Category ROCK/POPS
Street Date 2017-06-23
The second album by the famous quintet debuted in 1982 and featured the title tune with its memorable and catchy chorus: ’Vacation all I ever wanted / Vacation had to get away...’. It’s a pop music nugget that continues to live at radio. This I.R.S. staple is re-issued on standard weight vinyl.
Side A:
1. Vacation
2. Hes So Strange
3. Girl Of 100 Lists
4. I Think Its Me
5. We Dont Get Along
6. Its Everything But Partytime
Side B:
1. Get Up And Go
2. This Old Feeling
3. Cool Jerk
4. The Way You Dance
5. Beatnik Beach
6. Worlds Away