Catalog NHSCD024
Format CD
Discs 1
Street Date 2018-07-20
Main CD package is a 4 panel digipack with lyric booklet. Fuzz fuzz fuzz doom stoner more fuzz. Blacklab describe themselves as ‘the Dark Witch Doom Duo from Osaka Japan’. Chilling cool with built in overdrive. Yuko and Chia are immersed in the Japanese stoner doom scene and it’s no surprise that with this first offering they’ve pulled out a calling card that is as ‘in yer face’ and arresting as anything out there. A full frontal assault of distorted riffs howls and ghostly vocals as well as bags of riot girrl attitude and lo-fi bravado. But grunge they are not and neither are they ‘occult rock’ as such. Being nominally a ‘Doom’ band expect a bucket load of Sabbath worship for sure but Blacklab have a vibe and experimental undertow akin to their countrymen Boris and the souped up lo-fi fuzz of Ty Segall or Comets On Fire. Tracks like ‘Black Moon’ ‘Hidden Garden’ ‘Spoon’ ‘Symptom Of The Blacklab’ twist burn and boil into the red. ‘His Name Is …’ is a churning chunky throb. ‘Spoon’ and ‘Warm Death’ offer moments of relief and crushing noise. And ‘Big Muff’ is … well … 9 minutes of drum-less fuzz that will probably do serious damage to your speakers. This first Blacklab release on NHS is a version of their ‘Under The Strawberry Moon’ album which was released in tiny numbers on CD only in Japan a pull together of previous tracks and new songs recorded over 2017. But the NHS variant is different. Wayne Adams (Death Pedals Shitwife Vodun Casual Nun) has remixed the tracks to maximum effect upping the fuzz and weight of the originals. You will not be disappointed. Blacklab are: Yuko Morino guitar and vocals. Chia Shiraishi drums.
1. Black Moon
2. Hidden Garden
3. Spoon
4. Symptom of the Blacklab
5. His Name Is ...
6. Warm Death
7. Fall and Rise
8. Big Muff