Catalog DELM009
Format LP
Discs 3
Category ROCK/POPS
Street Date 2019-01-14
• A fine selection of Bo Diddley’s singles recorded for the Chess Records subsidary label Checker from 1955 to 1962, plus one later track laid down for Pye International. R&B Master Works serve as vivid reminder of the power and influence of his music had in shaping the then-new new sound of Rock ’n’ Roll and comes as excellent 2LPset, 180gram heavyweight vinyl package in a gatefold sleeve, with linernotes and additionally the 25-tracks on a CD in a cardboard sleeve.
• Bo Diddley (real name: Ellas Otha Bates McDaniel) had a big influence on guitar heroes like Jimmy Page, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood and groups like The Clash to name but a few, the latter insisted that Bo Diddley got the attractive support slot for their big US-tour wayback in 1979.
Side One
A1. Bo Diddley
A2. Diddley Daddy
A3. Pretty Thing
A4. Diddy Wah Diddy
A5. Who Do You Love?
A6. Cops And Robbers

Side Two
B1. Hey! Bo Diddley
B2. Say! (Boss Man)
B3. Hush Your Mouth
B4. Dearest Darling
B5. Say Man
B6. The Clock Strikes Twelve
B7. Crackin Up

Side Three
C1. The Great Grandfather
C2. Oh Yea
C3. Im Sorry
C4. Say Man Back Again
C5. Shes Alright
C6. Gun Slinger
Side Four
D1. Road Runner
D2. Walkin And Talkin
D3. Aztec
D4. You Cant Judge A Book By The Cover
D5. I Can Tell
D6. The Twister